Site Updates

Apr. 13, 2017: Good news and bad news. On the positive front, in my last calls and messages with Ed, Kendall, and the rest of the band, everyone is rehearsing and gearing up for the gigs in Seattle and Germany. The set is sounding good, and everyone is pumped to play. Peter is back from vacation and has kept his practice up, so it should be a great time in Seattle next weekend. On the downside, however, Ken Mary unfortunately will not be playing with the band for the two gigs. He injured his shoulder. In his place will be a familiar face to fans of Fifth Angel these last 10 years -- Jeffrey McCormack. Jeff, who played with Fifth Angel at the Keep it True festival in 2010, has agreed to play for Ken at both shows (Seattle, and the KIT festival), and is raring to go.

I'll have a further update after the Seattle gig, including the setlist, pics of the band, video of the band, and lots of assorted stuff for folks to check out.

Mar. 14, 2017: Welcome back, Fifth Angel fans! After being gone five years, I've gotten this Fifth Angel fan site back online. It's still in a very basic and outdated style, but it's easy to update, and more importantly, has all the historical info on Fifth Angel you could ever need! So what's new? The band is playing live! Two dates in April, one in Seattle, one in Germany. The site's Tour Date Archive has the details. The band consists of Ken Mary (drums), Ed Archer (guitars), John Macko (bass), Kendall Bechtel (guitars) and singer Peter Orullian (who fronted the band in 2010).

The site itself will be updated periodically with new imagery from the band's past and present, and new info as it becomes available!