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April 10, 2010

Fifth Angel has announced that Peter Orullian will be on vocals for the band's live show in Germany. Tim Branom has stepped down due to throat problems. See below for the official press release (posted with permission):

April 10, 2010

Media Contact: Brian Heaton

For Immediate Release:

Peter Orullian to Sing for Fifth Angel at the Keep it True XIII Festival
Vocalist Tim Branom Steps Down Due to Throat Problems

SEATTLE -- Peter Orullian, best known in heavy metal circles as the voice of Heir Apparent during its highly successful 2006 reunion tour in Europe, will be singing for Fifth Angel at the Keep it True XIII festival in Lauda-Konlgshofen, Germany, on April 24. Orullian steps in for vocalist Tim Branom, who is not able to participate due to throat issues.

"It's really unfortunate what happened with Tim, as we've known him for years and he's a great singer and a great guy," said guitarist Ed Archer. "He had trouble talking in the mornings after rehearsals and became very concerned with his voice. Tim came up with the idea of using an alternate singer, but we were hesitant to do that until we realized he was right and things were not getting better. We decided to get another vocalist and quickly found Peter."

Orullian, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, who currently resides in the Seattle area, received classical vocal training from the renowned late maestro David Kyle. In addition to his work with Heir Apparent, Orullian has released a number of CDs with various musicians throughout the years and is a recipient of the Private Eye Best Male Vocalist Award.

"Peter is really saving our ass here, as we were considering canceling our appearance," Archer revealed. "The human singing voice is really a tricky animal, and we all hope Tim gets better soon."

Video footage of Orullian performing with Heir Apparent and more information on the vocalist can be found at www.orullian.com.

Fifth Angel will make its live debut at the Keep it True XIII festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, on April 24. For more information on Fifth Angel, visit www.fifthangel.com and www.facebook.com/fifthangelofficial.


Feb. 24, 2010

Fifth Angel has named Jeff McCormack as its new drummer. See below for the official press release and photo (posted with permission:)

Feb. 23, 2010

Media Contact: Brian Heaton

For Immediate Release:

Fifth Angel Taps Jeffrey McCormack as New Drummer

Jeff McCormackSEATTLE -- Fifth Angel is pleased to announce that Jeffrey McCormack will be handling drum duties for the band. A sought-after studio/touring musician from the Seattle area, McCormack joins Ed Archer (guitars), John Macko (bass), Kendall Bechtel (guitars) and Tim Branom (lead vocals) to complete Fifth Angel's lineup.

"Jeff's studio and touring experience is a positive addition to Fifth Angel," said Archer. "It's a tall order learning the drum parts our former bandmate Ken Mary put down, and Jeff has approached the challenge head-on. We're all on the same page and can't wait to see what the future holds for Fifth Angel."

Jeff was one of many musicians that called the famous Music Bank studio in Seattle home in the late 1980s. McCormack cut his teeth with many of Seattle's elite musicians, including the late Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, John DeVol (Culprit) and even Fifth Angel's current vocalist Tim Branom, just to name a few.

Since 1992, Jeff has been featured on over 60 CDs worldwide. He's performed all across the United States, Canada, Europe and parts of Russia. In addition, fans may remember McCormack from his touring stint with classic metal legends Heir Apparent, as the band played sold out shows in Germany and Greece in recent years. But Fifth Angel was always a part of Jeff's musical style and aspirations.

"Everyone has a soundtrack to their lives and Fifth Angel was a huge part of mine," McCormack explained. "The music on the albums Fifth Angel and Time Will Tell was a huge influence on me as a drummer and playing for Fifth Angel is honestly a dream come true. I can't wait to rock these songs live."

Fifth Angel will make its live debut at the Keep it True XIII festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, on April 23 and 24, 2010. For more information on Fifth Angel, visit www.fifthangel.com.


Jan. 6, 2010

Fifth Angel has named Tim Branom its new vocalist. See below for the official press release and photo (posted with permission:)


For Immediate Release

Jan. 12, 2010

Contact: Brian Heaton

Fifth Angel Names Tim Branom New Vocalist

Tim BranomSEATTLE, Wash. -- Fifth Angel has tapped singer Tim Branom as its new vocalist, replacing Ted Pilot. Branom, a Seattle-area native who now resides in Los Angeles, has spent the last decade as a solo artist and as an occasional live musician for former American Idol finalist and current We Are the Fallen singer Carly Smithson.

Branom will make his live debut with Fifth Angel at the Keep it True XIII festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, on April 23 and 24, 2010.

"Recreating Ted Pilot’s vocals in Fifth Angel brings me back to my roots of metal in the Seattle 1980s music scene where I grew up," Branom explained. "I’ve known most of the members of Fifth Angel before they all played together. In fact, Ed and Ted helped produce a studio demo of my early music back in the 80s."

In addition to playing with Smithson, Tim played seven years with Cloud Nine, a Los Angeles-based rock band. In his early days in Seattle, Branom fronted Gypsy Rose, a popular local Seattle metal band. He is also credited on more than 500 CDs in various capacities including producer. Northwest metal history buffs may remember Branom producing Alice in Chains’ (then called Alice ‘N Chains) three-song demo in 1986, which included vocalist Layne Staley and future members of Second Coming and My Sisters Machine.

"We’re ecstatic to have Tim in the fold," said Fifth Angel guitarist Ed Archer. "When singing our music, his voice sounds eerily like Ted Pilot’s did 20 years ago. Throw in Tim’s experience in the music business and he’s exactly what we need moving forward to establish Fifth Angel as a force in heavy metal again. We couldn’t be happier."

While Branom has served in a variety of capacities in the music industry since his metal days in Seattle, Tim’s true passion is singing and he’s eager to carry on Fifth Angel’s legacy of heavy metal thunder. Trained by Los Angeles’ Ron Anderson and the late Maestro David Kyle in Seattle, whose roster of students included Staley, Geoff Tate (Queensr˙che) and Ann Wilson (Heart), Branom said he is looking forward to being a part of Fifth Angel.

"I kept in touch with Ed [Archer, Fifth Angel guitarist] over the years, just talking about the old times in Seattle," Branom said, regarding the genesis of his work with Fifth Angel. "Ed started writing new songs and doing test recordings with me over the Internet.

"These songs have much more ear candy, taboo subjects, and cool guitar riffs but all with the flair of previous Fifth Angel albums," the singer added. "More shows will follow and the new album will really surprise the fans!"

Fifth Angel’s current lineup is now:

Tim Branom -- Lead Vocals
Ed Archer -- Guitars
Kendall Bechtel -- Guitars/Backing Vocals
John Macko -- Bass

A drummer is being recruited by the band and will be announced as a decision is made prior to the Keep it True Festival later this year.

For more information on Fifth Angel, visit http://www.fifthangel.com and http://www.fifthangel.net.


Jan. 6, 2010

Ted Pilot has departed Fifth Angel. See below for the official press release (reprinted with permission):


Jan. 5, 2010

Contact: Brian Heaton

For Immediate Release:

Ted Pilot Steps Down as Fifth Angel Vocalist, Band Continues On

Singer Ted Pilot will not be fronting Seattle metal band Fifth Angel when the group makes its live debut in April, at the Keep it True Festival, in Germany.

The vocalist, renowned for his work on Fifth Angel’s self-titled debut, Fifth Angel in 1986 and its second album, Time Will Tell in 1989, tried to balance time between personal commitments and the Fifth Angel project and ultimately, the demands on Pilot’s time were too great.

"The time constraints Ted faces with other ventures just didn’t allow him to take part in Fifth Angel’s reunion like we all hoped," said Ed Archer, Fifth Angel guitarist. "He really wanted to do this, but given his schedule, it’s just not feasible. We’re disappointed, but respect and appreciate his position.

"This was an amicable parting," Archer added. "Ted understands our desire to move forward as Fifth Angel and we’re all still friends. Everyone is at peace with his decision."

Pilot’s decision was not unexpected. The band has been in contact with another singer throughout the past few months, in anticipation that Pilot would not be able to perform.

"We’ve got another singer in mind that we feel is worthy of filling Ted’s shoes," Archer explained. "We don’t want to announce who it is just yet, but we will as our plans firm up, in advance of the Keep it True Festival later this year."

Fifth Angel is working on its third album, slated for release in late 2010. For more on the band, visit www.fifthangel.com and www.fifthangel.net.


Oct. 5, 2009

Ed Archer wrote in with some details regarding the writing process for Fifth Angel's upcoming studio album and the band's plans for 2010:

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you on how things are going songwriting-wise for a future Fifth Angel album. The ideas have been pouring out and we have a good 15 songs we're working on right now…some exciting and creative work being done. We hope to have 20+ songs to choose from by the end of the year, and hope to select around 12 for a future album.

I've been asked a few times by reporters what the material sounds like and the word I'd have to use is "dark." Not that every song is extremely heavy or dark, but the general theme that is emerging with the stories being told in lyrics delves into the seamier side of human nature…lust, greed, power, deceit, manipulation, control…you get the picture! The overall sound is probably a hybrid of the first and second Fifth Angel records.

Some of the song titles being kicked around are; "The Unfaithful," "Liar," "Voodoo Solution" and "Holocaust." You may well imagine the music associated with such titles…

Anyway, that's about it from here. We're continuing to work on songs, shooting for a new record sometime in 2010, talking with several record producers that might be involved, and have plans to play the Keep it True Festival in Germany next year, and possibly other shows in different parts of the globe.

Media Contact: Brian Heaton

-- Ed Archer

July 11, 2009

Former Fifth Angel guitarist James Byrd is selling off the guitar he recorded his lead tracks with! Yes, you read that right. The guitar that produced the solos on Fifth Angel's debut album, Fifth Angel, is for sale! In addition, you can also take lessons from Byrd! For more info on the guitar and studying with the former Fifth Angel axeman, click here!

April 7, 2009

Apparently Fifth Angel has started to line up some festival dates for 2010. First up is the Keep it True Festival in Germany, which takes place on April 23-24, 2010. Fifth Angel has been confirmed to play this show. All tour dates can now be accessed in the Tour Dates section of this Web site.

Spring 2009

Fifth Angel has announced the band is back together and working toward putting out a new album! A number of songs have already been demoed, and the group is hard at work, hoping to get a record out there and possibly playing a few shows. Click here for the official press release!

Spring 2008

A new season, a new Fifth Angel discovery. Apparently an MP3-sourced recording of Fifth Angel's original four-track demo is making the rounds. The demo recording contains a track called "Under Pressure" which was never released. In fact, until this demo recording surfaced, no one knew that this song existed!

The tracklisting of the demo is:

  1. Fifth Angel
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Wings of Destiny
  4. Fade to Fames

The demo recordings suffer from being MP3-sourced, but they clearly are demos and are obviously Fifth Angel. Keep in mind that the demo tracks were essentially utilized except for some overdubs on the actual record, so they are fully produced. The sound is just muffled, probably do to an old tape and bad conversion. That said, it is truly a rare gem! So if you're fortunate enough to have acquired it, enjoy!

Winter 2008

Nothing really new in terms of Fifth Angel going on, but both Kendall Bechtel and James Byrd have been active. Kendall is working on his solo work under the moniker "The Dead Project." If and when Kendall looks to promote the project, I'll post up the info here at FifthAngel.net.

James Byrd is continuing work on his guitar company, Byrd Guitars. Still no word from Byrd yet on new music, but a couple of months ago, Byrd released this YouTube video, showcasing the guitar he designed, the Byrd Guitars Super Avianti:

Spring 2007

Thanks to John Macko, who put me in touch with him, I recently did an interview with Fifth Angel vocalist Ted Pilot. Pilot discussed that the band's non-musical commitments really prevented them for touring and that unfortunately, no new Fifth Angel music is on the horizon.

To read the article, click here.

Winter 2007-update

The Fifth Angel reunion is likely off. After a couple of key members of the band preferred not to go forward with the live shows, Fifth Angel has decided to shelve reunion plans indefinitely. Thanks to John Macko (bass) for the note.

Winter 2007

Credible rumors have begun to circulate that Fifth Angel may reunite for some shows later this year. No word yet on a firm lineup, but vocalist Ted Pilot and bassist John Macko are apparently in the mix! Don't expect a quick update to this, but as soon as confirmation and further details are available, they will be posted here.

Summer 2006

Original Fifth Angel Lead Guitarist James Byrd is currently in the planning stages of his next solo album. See www.jamesbyrd.com for more details.

Drummer Ken Mary continues to do engineering and mixing work on a variety of albums. Visit his web site at www.sonicphish.com for more information.

Former Fifth Angel Lead Guitarist Kendall Bechtel is the lead vocalist and guitarist for ATOM.