FIFTH ANGEL: Time Will Tell (1989)
Epic/CBS Records


  1. Cathedral
  2. Midnight Love
  3. Seven Hours
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. Time Will Tell
  6. Lights Out
  7. Wait for Me
  8. Angel of Mercy
  9. We Rule
  10. So Long
  11. Feel the Heat

Album Lyrics: Click here.

Band Members:

Ted Pilot (vocals)
Kendall Bechtel (lead guitar)
Ed Archer (rhythm guitar, keyboards)
John Macko (bass, keyboards)

All drum tracks: Ken Mary

NOTE: The band shot a video for "Time Will Tell" to promote the album. "Broken Dreams" was slated to be another video and the band's second single, but the video was never filmed. "Midnight Love" was also the featured theme song to Howard Stern's late night TV show.

Album Credits:

Recorded and Produced by: Terry Brown.
Recorded at: The Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT.
Drum Tracks Recorded at: Media Sound, New York, NY.
Additional Vocals Recorded at: Triad Studios, Seattle, WA
Drum Technician: Artie Smith
Mixed at: Metalworks, Toronto, Canada
Mix engineer: Noel Golden.
Recording Assistants: Matt Lane (Carriage House), Lolly (Media Sound), L. Stuart Young (Metalworks).
Additional Background Vocals on "Broken Dreams" and "So Long:" Lisa Dalbello.
Keyboard Programming: Scott Humphrey, Carol Howell.
Management: Derek Simon for Simon Says, Inc.
Legal Representation: Barry Slotnick, Esq. for Silverman, Shulman and Slotnick, P.C., New York, NY; Neil Sussman, Esq., Seattle, WA.
Accounting Services: Robbins, Spielman, Slayton & Halfon, New York, NY.
Very Special Thanks to: Our families and friends, Derek Simon, Terry Brown, Ken Mary, Carol Radel, Noel Golden, Randy Hemming and Spectradyne, Pete Andersen, Steve Backer, Dan Beck, Hannah Bolte, Steve Byram, Dave Demers, Bob Feineigle, Dave Glew, Don Grierson, Jack Isquith, Mike Jones, Harvey Leeds, Brian Lima, Peter Lopacki, Lisa Markowitz, Ben Nygaard, Lisa Orban, Vivian Piazza, Diarmuid Quinn, Mike Schnapp and all at Epic Records.
John and Patty Montagnese and Phil Magnotti at The Carriage House. Tom Hall, Mike Tortorello and Dave Dysart at Triad Studios. Alex Andronache at The Metalworks. Bob Chiappardi, Russ Gerroir and all at Concrete Marketing. Barry Slotnick, Esq., of Silverman, Shulman and Slotnick, P.C. The law offices of Neil Sussman. Matt Masciandaro of ESP Guitars, Doug Goats for the Warwick Bass, Andy of Teinberger Sound, Kramer Guitars and GHS Strings. Max Norman, Andy Gould, Ron Laffitte, Brian Koppelman, Steve Schiffman, Eric Carr, Dave Bonilla, Sharon Jochimsen, Lynn Lendway, Troy Miller, Terry Hannish, Jeff Fisher, Jerry Callahan and Callahan's For Hair.
Ken Mary appears courtesy of Simmons/RCA Records.
Art Direction: Steve Byram. Illustration: Amy Guip
Photography: Max Aquilera Hellweg