Shrapnel Records


  1. In the Fallout
  2. Shout it Out
  3. Call Out the Warning
  4. Fifth Angel
  5. Wings of Destiny
  6. The Night
  7. Only the Strong Survive
  8. Cry Out the Fools
  9. Fade to Flames
  10. *Under Pressure

* - "Under Pressure" appeared on Fifth Angel's 1985 demo recording, but was never released. James Byrd was kind enough to reveal some details regarding the song:

"It was recorded at the same time as the first half of the first album was recorded. It was written by Ed [Archer] and Ted [Pilot]. He [Archer] also played some of the guitar solos on it. It was decided that the track neither fit with the musical direction of the album, nor was it a good enough song for inclusion and release, so it was simply shelved. I don't believe we ever even shopped it.

"My best guess is that it's origin probably only goes back to a cassette tape tossed in a waste basket because the masters were supposedly turned over to CBS by Shrapnel and I doubt they even got that reel because it (the track) wasn't part of the deal between the labels (Shrapnel and Epic on the buy-out)."

Album Lyrics: Click here.

Band Members:

Ted Pilot (vocals)
James Byrd (lead guitar)
Ken Mary (drums)
Ed Archer (rhythm guitar)
Kenny Kay (bass)*

* While pictured on the back cover, Kenny Kay did not actually play bass on the album. Ed Archer played bass on half the record, while Randy Hansen played bass on the other half.

Album Credits:

Producer: Terry Date & Fifth Angel
Engineered by: Terry Date
Recorded and Mixed at: Steve Lawson Productions, Seattle, Wash.
Mastered by: George Horn at Fantasy Studios
Photo by: Lynn DeBon
Cover Illustration: Guy Aitchison/Guilty and Innocent Productions
Cover Concept: Ed Archer
Special Thanks to: Marcus, Helen Schultz, Paul, David Kyle, Vic and Sue Sein, Bob Bailey, Dr. Pilot, Paul, Kevin Jones, Tim Brannom, Paul and Jean Herbold, Michelle Courage, Carol Howell, Bruce Calder, and Stephen M. Fontano.
An Extra Special Thanks to: Randy Hansen, Debra Herbold, Ron Stokes, Randy Hemming, and Mike Varney.